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Aftermarket Technology Corp.

Aftermarket Technology CORP.

Aftermarket Technology ("ATC") is the leading remanufacturer of transmission and other drive train products, electronic control modules, instrument display clusters, and radios used in the aftermarket repair of passenger cars and light trucks in North America. ATC's principal products include remanufactured transmissions, torque converters, and engines as well as remanufactured and new parts for rebuilding transmissions, clutches, and engines. ATC distributes its products through each of the three principal channels of distribution for automotive aftermarket transmission and drive train repair: independent rebuilders and distributors, OEMs (for use as replacement parts), and auto parts retail stores. The company has developed a strong market position based on its ability to deliver quality remanufactured parts on a timely basis.

Date of Investment: July 1994
Date of Exit: April 2005
Type of Exit: Initial Public Offering
Headquarters: Downers Grove, IL

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