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NuCO2 is the leading national provider of fountain and draught beer beverage carbonation solutions to the restaurant and hospitality industries. The company's solutions combine equipment for the storage, blending, and dispensing of beverage-grade CO2 with continuous, unprompted beverage gas supply service to customer locations via long-term agreements. In combination, the company's equipment and beverage gas supply services are designed to ensure uninterrupted fountain and draught beer beverage carbonation for its customers. NuCO2's fountain beverage solutions are used to carbonate fountain beverages on-site at approximately 145,000 locations nationwide, primarily consisting of quick-service restaurant chains as well as other restaurant chains, bars, convenience store chains, and entertainment venues. The company's solutions maximize its customers' cost effectiveness, operational efficiency, and carbonation supply reliability by replacing costly, more cumbersome, and less reliable high pressure gas cylinders at a small monthly cost with no upfront investment for the customer.

Date of Investment: May 2008
Date of Exit: March 2013
Type of Exit: Sale to a Strategic Buyer
Headquarters: Stuart, FL

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