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United Plastics Group

United Plastics Group

United Plastics Group ("UPG") is a leading global, one-stop solutions provider of precision engineered plastic injection molded products, program management, product integration, and value-added services primarily for the medical, datacenter, and industrial end markets. The company provides customers with high-quality, low cost, end-to-end solutions that meet or exceed all customer requirements and industry standards. With nine manufacturing locations and one tool building location across three continents, UPG is one of the largest global providers of outsourced custom injection molded products and value-added services. The company's reputation for quality, reliability, and overall customer service results in long-standing relationships with a blue-chip customer base and sales in over 30 countries.

Date of Investment: September 1999
Date of Exit: April 2012
Type of Exit: Sale to Strategic Buyer
Headquarters: Oak Brook, IL

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